I have experience designing for a diverse client base: a women’s foundation, non-profit community centers, artists, and small businesses ranging from bakeries to contractors. I am very comfortable working with all types of people, and clients always comment on not only the quality (and timely) end result but also how smooth and efficient the process is. Clients also appreciate my background in writing since I am able to help them edit or compose their content.

My background in Art, English, and Education, combined with my knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and eye for detail make me the ideal designer for any project. My formal art and design training gives me not only the technical knowledge I need but also the creative eye to create exceptional design. This strong grounding in the principles of design and elements of art enhances and informs my design work and gives me a solid foundation for any design project, whether it is creating a branding package, designing a brochure, or doing layout design for a monthly publication.

Contact me via email (jennetmaejones [at] gmail [dot] com) or by phone (518.225.8869) to discuss how I can make your project uniquely you and stand out from the rest.

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